Could your cat be the King or Queen of Cat Club?

What’s new pussycat we hear you ask?  Well, we are on a quest to find the King or Queen of cats to be the face of our Cat Club brand.  Sold across Ireland, Cat Club is the leading cat food in our Mackle family brand.  To celebrate its success and popularity, we want to crown the leader of the cat pack from Ireland, as the face of Cat Club.

Cat Club has this week launched an online competition for cat lovers who feel they own the cutest kitty cat or the top tom cat.  Entrants can upload a photo of their beloved pet who could become the first ever ‘real’ face of Cat Club in Ireland.  The winner will have their photo emblazoned on thousands of the popular brand packs and cans, which will be sold in Ireland in 2019.  To enter, Cat Owners simply need to complete a short online entry form and upload a photo of their cat.  The competition will be open for entries from July until the end of October 2018.  A panel of judges will choose the winning cat in November.  As well as a bevy of prizes for the cutie cat including a professional  photo shoot, a supply of cat food and cat goodies, the winning cat will be featured on Cat Club Packs from January 2019.

Commenting on the competition to find the trendiest tom cat or the most fabulous feline, Claire McCann, Marketing Manager for Mackle Petfoods, said;

“We already know that Ireland is a nation of cat lovers, with over 36% – more than 1 in 3 households owning a cat.  In total, Ireland has more than 830,000 pet cats lounging about in homes so we are on a quest to find the cat that will be the face of the Cat Club brand in 2019.  Our customers already tell us that their cats are very sensitive creatures, so we want a cat that reflects their beauty and personality too.  We are confident that across Ireland there are so many people who own cats that could be the face of the brand, so this competition is, we hope, going to help us find the ‘purrfect’ one!”

Cautioning dog owners who might pretend they are cats, Claire added “If you’re not a cat, you’re not in the Cat Club (imposters will be sniffed out).”

To enter the competition to be the first ever face of Cat Club visit or

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