Brandy Dog Food is Packed full fresh ingredients

Brandy has been developed with the help of vets & specialist animal nutritionists and all the meat used in Brandy products is sourced from local suppliers where possible ensuring top quality ingredients and complete nutrition for your pet.

Brandy is always a top performer, showing consistent year-on-year growth.  This is attributed to the simple fact that dogs really do love the taste of Brandy and their owners also recognise this.

We found that consumers instantly recognise the Bernese Mountain Dog that has been used on our packaging for 30 years and is synonymous with the Brandy brand. They also associated Brandy with the colour red which makes for a very strong on shelf presence for Brandy.

Brandy dog food is made from 100% traceable Irish meat so you know you’re feeding your dog the best. They’re more than just a dog – they’re 100% family.

New and improved products

Brandy has introduced new improved product formulations across the range. Feeding trials have confirmed that the new improved formulations are feeding extremely well.

Where to buy

Mackle Pet Food products are available through the UK and Ireland.

Where to buy


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