Brandy dog food serving Ireland for over 50 years.

Mackle Petfoods are one of the major success stories in Ireland’s family business sector and to celebrate their 50th anniversary this year are investing a six-figure sum in direct trade support.

“Our major business objective into the autumn is to drive footfall into local retailers with a marketing campaign directly targeting purchasing habits,” explains Gail Cook, Head of Marketing.

“We have conducted significant research which shows that more than two thirds of pet owners in Ireland will ‘absolutely not’ abandon their pets in the face of the current cost of living crisis.

“Rather, they will actively invest in high quality, locally produced food that they can trust and depend on to be available. Our customers know that Brandy Dog Food is made from 100% Irish Meat, so they know they are giving their dogs the best local produce. At a time when many imports are in short supply, it is always good to know that buying local is also buying best.

“In support of this we are printing limited edition cans with the names of customers pets and offering prizes for photographs of them with their cans. For those who cannot find their pets names on cans they can enter a competition to have the name included in the promotion.

“The survey also showed that our favourite dogs are still Jack Russell’s, German Shepherd’s and Golden Labradors with specialist mixed breeds rising up the ranks, but what we name our pets is still one of our most important considerations.

“Whether it is after our favourite drinks, the colour of their fur or one of our favourite relatives, the name of our dog is almost more a reflection of our personalities than the names of our children.

“That is why we are also offering four lucky winners a family photoshoot with their pets from renowned pet photographer Graham Crichton.

“As part of the celebrations we have invested in new point of sale material, trade advertising as well as above and below the line campaigns across Ireland.  Our Brandy’s 50th Birthday branded truck will be out and about this summer across Ireland north and south, giving away limited-edition cans and spots prizes to dogs and their owners, and all the competitions can be accessed online and are designed to drive footfall to our retailers”.

Talking about the survey conducted on behalf of Mackle Pet Foods, Gail said that it demonstrated just how attached we are to our pets and that prioritising quality, nutritious, locally produced food is non-negotiable for the whole family.

“We are so proud of the fact that as a local family business we have gone from strength to strength in the (Irish/Local) marketplace and celebrating 50 years is a tremendous milestone which we are delighted to share with our loyal retailers, stockists and stores.”

To find out more information about our birthday celebrations, promotions and competitions go to Brandy’s 50th Birthday Celebrations.


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