Did you know? These Paws Were Made for Walking

We all know how important it is to walk our dogs on the daily but sometimes we aren’t just as excited about it as they are. If you’re needing that nudge out the door, check out these benefits waiting for your dog.. if you just let them lead you down the garden path.


1. Talking your dog for a walk and letting them sniff around helps them to feel good.  If you notice that your dog is stressed it can be a great relief as sniffing is a natural behaviour that helps dogs to find their bearings. By sniffing, they get to know other dogs that live nearby, which calms them down.



2. Your dog loves you and your dog loves walking, so walking your dog is like a mini-lottery win for them.  Spending time with your dog discovering new places and sharing experiences strengthens and enriches your relationship.



3. The sun provides dogs with vitamin D, which promotes serotonin production and helps them sleep better. It also relieves joint pain that older dogs may be suffering from.  By taking your dog out for a walk, you will help it to get its necessary exposure to sunlight.



4. While diet plays a key role in digestive health, walking is also an important part of the process. When you walk your dog on a regular basis, they have a lower risk of constipation due to the movement exercise provides.

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