Introducing our fourteenth Cat Club finalist… Pedro!

We had a chat with each of our first round finalists to hear all about their favourite furry friend, covering everything from coming home stories to adorable antics and of course Cat Club!

Pedro Cat Club Finalist

Gained Family Member status when:

Ciara had always wanted a Maine Coon kitten and while she was off work last year having cancer treatment, she saw a picture of a little kitten called Pedro! With his hipster moustache and Batman mask markings Ciara instantly fell in love with this furry feline and just had to go see him.

Arriving from his breeders in County Tipperary 4 months later, Pedro become a Fullam family member just before Christmas last year (the purrfect pre-Christmas present!).

What happened next?

The time has flown by since Pedro arrived at Ciara’s house! Fitting right into her family (naturally… every house has a cat shaped space to fill!) and giving clear directions to his new found friends to help them meet his needs… meowing at every hand that looks like it could manage a can of Cat Club is his go to strategy! (We hear you Pedro – if the footwear fits there’s no point in wasting the opportunity to bag yourself a slipper!).

A typical day includes:

Pedro sleeps in Ciara’s kitchen every night (watchcat’s are the new watchdog’s) and as soon as his ears pick up on a little noise from upstairs he is on full alert (alarm activation has never been so easy).  With a meow and a chirp for his breakfast, we reckon Pedro is spelling out his Cat Club order!

A rushed schedule is just not on the cards for this cool customer and playtime is priority.  With a cat tree to investigate, bird watching to attend to in the garden and a big basket of toys to inspect this furry feline has his work cut out, it’s important to pace those paws!

Especially when you have a part time job on social media – this cat has his paws on a career path! Keeping his Instagram followers up to date from @pedrodabatcat with regular videos and photos (forget blue steel, this cat has the Pawsome Pedro pose down!), this hipster Maine Coon has embraced the millennial lifestyle and conquered the social media market (we’re thinking previous ladder climbing experience may have come in handy here).

While his little tuxedo has been placed in retirement (this batman’s Cat Club business strategies are working a little too well!) Pedro remains ever the classy cat with his evenings spent catching up on a little Strictly Come Dancing (gathering research for your next career change eh Pedro?).

Why should Pedro be our Cat Club winner?    

Pedro is a super chilled out cat who rocks his Batman look, with a loyal Instagram following on @pedrodabatcat he is ready to take his reign to the next level and lead the Club he has loved to be a part of!

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