Care for your Cat in the Summer

Although the Irish summer isn’t always a scorcher, we are usually graced with a few scorcher days. It’s important we remember to care for our cats on these warm summer days too.

Here are just some tips for our Cat Club members:

  • This first one may sound obvious, but it isn’t too everyone. Never leave your cat, or any pet, in a parked or caravan on hot days, as this could lead to heatstroke.
  • Always keep an eye to your cat’s appetite. It can be common for cats to eat less on hot days, however, if your cat seems to have lost their appetite for a substantial amount of time, speak to your vet.
  • If your cat has thick fur, keep it well groomed and shorter, as this can help keep your cat cooler and more comfortable.
  • Keep a supply of water readily available for your cat throughout your home and outside too.
  • Finally, when you’re enjoying the BBQ’s, do not leave them unattended and when you’re finished, make sure the barbeque and coals have completely cooled. You may be finished but your cat may be curious.

If you’ve got a top summer tip for caring for your cat, why not send it to us here.

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