Introducing our ninth Cat Club finalist… Tom!

We had a chat with each of our first round finalists to hear all about their favourite furry friend, covering everything from coming home stories to adorable antics and of course Cat Club!

Tom - Cat Club Finalist

Gained Family Member status when:

Michelle found Tom when he had no home to go to, frightened and abandoned this little kitten was in need of some much needed TLC (Not just tender loving care but top level cat food *cue Cat Club!).

What happened next?

Tom settled into his new home with ease, with a busy schedule to attend to (Cat naps are not the only concern for this kitty) and a cupboard full of Cat Club (stock levels require close monitoring by quality control) to ensure breakfast, lunch and dinner were a tasty affair.

When Tom found out he had cancer on his ear, this brave feline underwent surgery and successfully had some of it removed.  With his fear faced as if it was just another day at the office, Tom has been able to get back to his daily routine – without even missing a beat! (Or is that a pawse?).

A typical day includes:

Forget a door bell, tapping is Tom’s chosen alert method and he has worked out a pawsome system! Every morning he poses his paw and begins: a tap to Michelle’s head lets her know he is ready to head out for his morning stroll (estate security meetings and paw patrol require timely arrivals).  When he has finished his rounds, a tap on the door lets Michelle know he is back and ready for breakfast!

However all work and no play isn’t an option, with his civic duties taken care of Tom likes to lie back on the stairs with his paws in the air – ready to catch any stair travellers with a playful paw or two (We’ve heard meowing “pass me if you dare” has been audible to any passersby who want to chance their arm with Tom’s boxing skills).

Mid-morning meditation at the top of the stairs is next (dreaming about your Cat Club dinner requires a focused mind after a zen activity such as stair boxing!).  Before ending the day curled up on the couch with Michelle for a chat and little television (we’re thinking ‘strictly come dancing’ might be a firm favourite – inspiration for his future pawsome moves!).

Why should Tom be our Cat Club winner?    

Michelle asked Tom to answer this one for himself and so in his own words: “I was persuaded to send in a photo of myself as my owner says I am still beautiful and could end up being crowned King Tom of the cat club!” – We couldn’t have said it better Tom!

Think your feline friend has what it takes? To find out all about our competition and how you can enter, click here.

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